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Sunday Morning Bible Study at 8:30am

Sharing the gospel in prison.

Outreaches to the Homeless

Outreaches to other transitional homes

But if we confess our sins to him, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all wickedness.

1 John 1:9

Helping People with a Past realize their FUTURE!

One of the ways we believe we can help men and women realize their future is by opening up transitional housing. I struggle with the name halfway house because most of what is wrong with these type of houses is that they only address half the problem. Most state houses will give them plenty of practical help such as job searching, transportation, food, but zero or little spiritual guidance. On the other side most christian houses will beat them over the head with the spiritual but little practical. Both ways turn out unbalanced individuals. Here at Forgiven Felons we want to provide an atmosphere that is conducive to spiritual and practical growth. We offer bible studies and Christ centered programs to promote spiritual growth as well as provide the necessary tools for job searching.

Our goal is to provide each resident with the tools they need to successfully transition from one lifestyle to another. Whether you are coming from jail, prison, rehab, or off the streets, if you want to change your ways and become a productive citizen, father, husband, and businessman, this is a great place to start.

At Forgiven Felons we will address each need the resident has and began to help them meet everyone of them. We provide assistance in job search by showing each resident how to utilize the internet, temp agencies, and training classes. Even if you've lost everything we can help get you some clothes, food, and a great sober/clean environment to start over in life. 

We offer a clean, and sober atmosphere where one can successfully transition from his old ways, to his new ways. We offer lots of help along the way including mandatory classes, church attendance, recovery classes, bible studies, and accountability to help keep everyone headed in the right direction. We are located on the DART bus routes and are a short distance from DART Rail. Please contact us with any questions you might have.

Our transitional house ministry is located at 9722-24 Summerwood Cir, Dallas, TX 75243. Download the intro letter, application, and financial obligation forms to find more information of pricing. 

Recovery Class
Recovery is one of the most important parts of re-entering society. If you're not fully recovered from the things that landed you in prison then you'll most likely go back. Some addictions are different like pride, people pleasing, anxiety, etc, but these need recovery as well. Regeneration at Watermark Church in Dallas is the only place that addresses ALL addictions. There's also a daily workbook involved that is required to complete to live at the house. Whether you live at the house with us or not we invite you to join us at ReGeneration on Monday nights at 6:30pm. 

Bible Study
Weekly Bible studies are held to promote spiritual growth and cover a variety of topics. Every Sunday morning at 8:30am Jay Dan leads the men in a bible study. This bible study is open to the public and is held at 9724 Summerwood Cir, Dallas, TX. Breakfast is provided so come hungry for the Word and food. Hope to see you there. 

Application for Housing

Click on the links below, print out, send to your loved one, and have him mail back to us at the address on the application. Cost to live at Forgiven Felons houses are as follows: $125 Administrative Fee; $130 per week. If resident will be on monitor the weekly fee will be $135 per week. 

Intro Letter

Click this link to download our introduction letter.

Resident Application/Financial Obligation

Click this link to download our application.

Welcome Home Package
Each month new inmates get out that have nothing but the clothes TDCJ gave them. As they parole to our ministry we like to provide them with a month of hygiene, three sets of clothes and shoes, bus passes, and some food. Please help us by considering a monthly gift to help meet these needs. 
    Helping People with a PAST realize their FUTURE

    Forgiven Felons
    Main Ministry 

    P.O. Box 4283
    Cedar Hill, TX 75106

    Transitional House
    9722-9724 Summerwood Cir
    Dallas, TX 75243
    972-748-3101 Office
    972-375-5177 Cell
    Email: jaydangumm@forgivenfelons.org

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