Jay Dan speaking to the men at the Walker Sayle Unit in Breckenridge, TX

Jay Dan speaking to the men at the Walker Sayle Unit in Breckenridge, TX

Inside: Forgiven Felons sends men and women into prisons/jails to share the gospel of Jesus. We do this in various ways. Jay Dan still remembers  when he was sitting in county jail wondering if he'll receive a visit that week. From time to time when schedule and finances allow he still visits inmates to share with them the hope that Jesus gave him. Jay Dan also has regularly scheduled preaching dates at some units like the Sanders Estes unit on the first Thursday of the month. Jay Dan is also asked to speak on special occasions at unit across Texas. We also have weekends where we collaborate with other ministries such as Mike Barber Ministries and MIA Ministries. Mike Barber takes groups of men and women into the cells on certain weekends of the year. On these dates we join them and take Jesus into the cells where the inmates live. MIA Ministries is a unique ministry on the inside equipping men and women through boot camps such as Wild at  Heart and Captivating at numerous units throughout Texas. MIA Ministries also coordinates multiple faith based dorms at the Estes unit. 

Morris Edmond (Center, front row in the suit), a former resident, came to back to share in one of our Sunday morning bible studies. 

Outside: Forgiven Felons has an after care program that disciples, mentors, and assists men and women after incarceration. While we minister to men and women inside prisons, we are limited to men in our housing program. We still invite women to join us for Sunday morning Bible study, church, and Monday recovery class, Re:Generation. 

Our goal is to have a balanced approach when helping people get back on their feet. We offer spiritual accountability and tools for growth in your walk with the Lord. We also offer help in basic life skills such as learning how to navigate public transportation, learning basic computer skills, assisting with resumes, job search assistance. 

When men first get out of prison they receive a welcome home package filled with hygiene, notebook and writing utensils. We also provide clothing, food, bus passes and other amenities as we have them available. 

Re:Generation: This is our Christ centered, biblically based recovery program. It's a different kind of recovery program. At ReGen all addictions are addressed, not just the "big" ones. You'll hear statements such as, "Hi my name is Jay Dan and I'm in recovery from alcoholism, pride, anger and fear." We meet each Monday night at Watermark church in north Dallas from 6:30pm- 8:30pm. There's a daily workbook that we utilize as a part of the program to help us grow spiritually. We believe creating new habits will push out our old habits and behavior. Click here to be taken to their website to learn more about this awesome program. 

Bible Study: Every Sunday morning from 8:30am-9:30am Jay Dan leads a bible study. There's something new each week as we learn from God's word and other's testimonies. We serve breakfast at 8:30am and get started with fellowship. Join us on Sunday morning before you head off to your own church or join us at ours. Bible study takes place at 9724 Summerwood Cir, Dallas, TX 75243.